Who we are

About us

We at B&M Infra excel in the business of constructing an efficient tomorrow. Each season brings with it a multitude of changes in the field of construction; particularly in the preferential mindset of discerning consumers. As a general contractor and builder with roots in Kochi, we greatly appreciate and work in tandem with these recurrent changes. Where our projects are concerned, we adopt a foresighted approach which illuminates future sustainability, ecological soundness and safe practices both in the workplace and the environment. Backed by a credible, transparent workforce and an unstinting passion for quality performance since 2018, B&M is a construction, rental and facility management force to be reckoned with

Our Mission

At B&M Infra, we’re committed to creating a new tomorrow through creative and innovative building solutions that correspond with changing customer desires and environmental practices. We seek to create places that are connected with nature, and our foundation is built on long-term quality and honesty. Our unique services, designed to increase property value and assure a high return on investment, demonstrate our commitment to you. With a team of experienced specialists, we collaborate closely with you to achieve the true potential of your property. We’re more than a construction company; we are architects of a sustainable future, creating landscapes that represent our constant commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.

Our Vision

B&M Infra’s footprint extends across landscapes and regions, leaving long-lasting impressions. We are rooted in passion and proficiency, and we consistently lead in building, rental, and facility management. Our sincere professionals develop solid relationships while delivering services that exceed customer expectations. We define our position in revolutionary change by making a significant contribution to sustainable development. B&M Infra sees a future in which innovation and integrity come together, having a meaningful, long-term influence.



A myriad field of interest and excelling in each one ventured into; Keerthy, founder of B&M makes it look effortless. Born into an agricultural family hailing from Kaavalam, Keerthy has the love of land running through his veins. In fact, this desire to reclaim and create was handed down generations straight from his grandfather Mr.Pallivathukkal Mathachan, a pioneer in land reclamation who reclaimed and developed the last island in Puthenkayal. The property now houses one of Kerala’s first and premium family run homestays Philipkutty farm, a picturesque waterfront farm island that celebrates life on Kerala’s abundant backwaters.

Keerthy’s education was centered around tourism & management. He started his career in corporate HR and later managed large-scale plantations of the BK Birla group of companies. Keerthy later moved back to Kerala and began working in tandem with Great India Tourism Consultancy services while managing his own family estate in Pathanamthitta.

In 2015, he bought over Perfect Holidays, a travel and tours enterprise that furthered his interest in hospitality. Though he has a strong background in tourism and hospitality, Keerthy’s interests are expansive and his passion for construction blossomed after building his house in Thrikkakara. This passion paved the way for B&M Infra Ltd and the construction of their first commercial property in 2018.  Apart from generating waves in the construction and business world, he also finds immense joy in surrounding himself with lush, natural beauty.

Amalgamating three unique fields on interest under a single umbrella brand isn’t an effortless task but Keerthy’s staunch belief and enthusiasm brought the three worlds together thus paving the way for B&M’s latest offering: ‘Ente Thottam’- a range of nature forward, luxury holiday homes.

We are committed to New York City

We believe in contributing to the greater good and encourage our team to explore opportunities to contribute to, participate in, and partner with organizations that embrace education, empathy, and enterprise. As a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE), we support diversity and inclusion within the construction industry and strongly advocate for the continued betterment and openness of the industry.

Our Mission

We never stop thinking about reshaping the future


The health and safety of people and our en­vironment lies at the very heart of what we do. In situations that are physically or psychologi­cally unsafe we refuse to be bystanders. We are changemakers and action takers. This applies to the environment and climate change too. We advocate for sustainable solutions and operate in this spirit, holding each other accountable for the legacy that we leave future generations.

Our Purpose

Konstruktion was founded on the belief that every decision we make impacts people and communities. It’s why we put humanity at the center of everything we do. It’s why we bring together different voices and points of view so that what we create makes everyone’s life better. It’s why what we build will bring value to society long after our lifetime. And it’s why we never stop thinking about reshaping the future.

Our Position

Konstruktion Group uses knowledge & foresight to shape the way people live, work, and connect. More than 135 years in the making, we’re one of the world’s largest development and construction companies. Together with our customers and the collective expertise of our 30,000+ teammates, we create innovative and sustainable solutions that support healthy living beyond our lifetime.